Alarm clock

All the different alarms in SafetyAlarms automatically alerts your selected guardians that you need help, if you aren’t able to turn them off in time. Choose the Alarm Clock  to set an alarm for a certain time of day.


If an acute emergency or danger occurs press the HELP-button to alert all your guardians that you need immediate help.


When a guardian confirms that they can help you, they will receive a SMS with your current GPS position so that they can come to your immediate rescue.

Workout Alarm

Use the feature Workout Alarm to set a preset timer for when you are out walking or jogging alone. In case something happens to you, and you aren’t able to turn off the alarm, your selected guardians will automatically be contacted.

Active Sensor

Activate Sensor to notify your guardians when you haven’t moved beyond a radius of 10 meters within the specified time of the activity. Perfect for when you are out jogging, bicycling or walking alone.

Share GPS

Use the Share GPS to get your family and friends to follow your movements on Google Maps when you are walking alone.

Build your security network

Add friends and family who care about your safety, so they can help you to be safe. The more relatives you add, the safer you are.

Order provisioning of e-prescription

In security alarms can order the preparation of e-prescription by Vitusapotek, so there’s no waiting while the pharmacist makes clear prescription. You can also find your nearest Vitusapotek.

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