Whether you have a chronic illness or just want a little extra peace of mind, our safety alarms are here to get you the help you need – whenever you need it!

Our mobile safety alarms alerts your loved ones that you need help when you aren’t able to. This by saving selected guardians that automatically will be alerted, with the message that you need help and your current position, if the pre-set alarms are triggered.

With our safety alarms most advanced 24-hour automated warning system, and custom alarms for a range of activities, you are always protected. Our safety alarm places safety in you hands – for free!

For anyone that wants additional safety: SafetyAlarm

For people with diabetes: DiabetesGuard

DiabetesGuard and SafetyAlarm

SmartCare currently has two safety services that are connected to one of the world’s most advanced 24-hour automated warning systems: 

DiabetesGuard or SafetyAlarm.

In developing DiabetesGuard we used a network of test users with type 1 diabetes, insulin users with type 2 diabetes, specialists in the field of diabetes, physicians, health professionals, family and friends of people with diabetes and diabetes nurses to provide input throughout the development of the service.

When we launched the Diabetes Guard, we received many inquiries from people who don’t have diabetes who also wanted greater security in everyday life. This was all from people who have, or have had different types of diseases and operations, experienced accidents, anxiety, or people who simply wanted greater security in their daily lives. Therefore, we developed later security alarm – for anyone who wants additional safety in everyday life.


Our most popular app, DiabetesGuard, was downloaded by 10% of all insulin-dependent in Norway within 6 months of product launch. The app is currently only available in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

SmartCare cares about your safety!

SmartCare only cooperates with companies that have the best experience and expertise when it comes to production of our mobile security services. We have the same suppliers for our alert system as the Norwegian hospitals, the Norwegian army and UDI uses for major disasters and accidents.

For us, the safety and security to our users and their guardians is crucial. We will always put the security of the operation of our systems as the highest priority.

With your own personal safety you can never be to careful. We want you to be able to do everything you want to do without worrying about not getting help when you need it.

Download DiabetesGuard for iPhone and Android
Download SafetyAlarm iPhone and Android


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