SmartCare AS develops and provides mobile-based security solutions for the chronically ill.

The system is built around a HealthCard and three alarms for use during sleep, physical activity and in the need of emergency assistance. The service operates by allowing users to download an app where they add a network of guardians. The guardians are notified if the users don´t turn off the alarm clock, if they stop moving during activity or if they press the HELP alarm.

Available for all

We want our security solutions to be easily accessible and simple to use, so that anyone who wants it can get the reassurance they need. That´s why we´re developing our security solutions as an app for mobile and we´re constantly striving to improve the usability.

Only the safest is good enough

Behind the app there are servers which ensure that alarms always alert. Surveillance monitors detect and notify deviations. The warning system that emits voice-mail and SMS is designed to reach out in crisis situations.


The people behind the concept

When her husband got diagnosed type-1 diabetes, the Norwegian nurse and SmartCare founder Annette Skeie Jakobsen came up with the idea of the app-based notification services for chronically ill people.

– In a busy life with travelling, activities and children I was missing something that could provide extra safety in the everyday life. When my husband was alone with the kids or on the road I wanted a system that would make us feel safer”, Jacobsen explains. In 2011 she had the idea of the mobile service DiabetesGuard.

SmartCare´s headquarter is in Kristiansand and the company is currently owned by 16 shareholders. Annette Skeie Jakobsen, T. D. Veen, Palmesus AS, Reme Holding AS and AGS Holding, among other entrepreneurs.

Cooperation with global ambitions

In 2016 SmartCare AS entered into a partnership with the international assistance company Falck Global Assistance. The ambition is to develop mobile-based security solutions for chronic illnesses worldwide.

As the first step of several, DiabetesGuard Plus was launched in 2016 in Norway and Denmark. DiabetesGuards notifications expanded from alarms which alert a network of chosen guardians to also notifying Falck.


Årets grunder 2013, Deloitte Connect Venture League/Arena
Middle East Integrated Health Innovations Awards 2013, HIMSS
Årets markedsfører 2013, Vest-Agder, Markedsføringsforeningen i Kristiansand
E-Helseprisen 2012, ComputerWorlds Health World
Rosing Kreativitetspris 2012, Dataforeningen
SmartPrisen 2011, Norsk Sykepleierforbund, KS, Spekter